Plumbing can be creative learning Are you asking for baking? Why, if all the information that you are learning today is already known ... why waste time, but if today is considered only accessible time?

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With our unique spy student exam wireless Cam you dont need to have a great connection like 4g. In university hall ther are most class room that signal is average. It is a perfect scenario for our Cheat Cam. It is just an matter of second when your "exam help partner" will receive its first pictures to dropbox folder (when you exam help partner click capture he gets image every 3-5 sec (4G) or 5-8 seconds (3G) or in 10 second (h+ connection). What is important is that you get it in regular time to pass exam! And with our unique reliable cheat cam made especially for best spy town place at we guarantee you will pass exam for 100%!


We present advanced equipment to help with the exam in the form of watches, glasses, pens in combination with a spy headset and a wireless camera button.

Our spy equipment is used on:

- for exams,

- in the court,

- at meetings,

- at lectures.


How It Works:

1. Before the exam, replace one of your buttons with a hidden camera button with various black buttons

2. Install the spy earphone in the ear canal and make a test call. Spy handset is wirelessly connected via Bluetooth to your mobile phone (if you do not have a cell phone, only a Bluetooth SIM card is used).

3. You go to the classroom where you will take the exam and behave as usual, only now that you are even more quiet and confident, since you are armed with a real caliber.

4. Keep your body sitting in such a position that it will be the best quality and as a camera to the examination pole. The camera then sends a live video to your partner via the transmitter. (get home early!)

5. In the meantime, the partner focuses on the live image (which you are sending and which is now on his laptop) and your questions (which you put into his speaker's speaker). Now you are just waiting to return the answers you will hear in your spy headset.

6. If you have not understood something, you can always ask him through a spy headset.



- We equip you with the best equipment on the market!

- the camera button can set the lens, the lens manually as with the camera, so you get the maximum sharpness for reading the test pole,

- video transmission, live video is from a distance of 150 meters and more (outdoors),

- The battery will provide up to 4 hours of operation to the charging cycle (the spy handset does not charge).


We also hire our products!

Matter of cheating in video transmission over long distances or over 4G networks

bluetooth watch - covert communication spy earphone system

Najboljša izbira za prostoročno prikrito komuniciranje

Not in stock

Cheat pen with display for PDF, WORD, TXT

sifra izdelka: cheatpen2020

In stock

Komplet za prostoročno komuniciranje

Nevidna ušesna bluetooth slušalka je povezana z vašim gsm in posluša kaj vam kolega prišepetava preko gsm

Not in stock

Najem - kuli za plonkanje z zaslonom kjer prikazuje PDF, WORD, TXT

sifra izdelka: cheatpen2020

In stock

Najem spy slušalke za 2 dni

In stock

Pro Button spy camera taking wide hi-res pics with virtual OSD push button

Best seller: Photos are send to dropbox when remote operator click command "capture"(every click, 2sec and new image...)

In stock

RXO ura

skrivna ura kamor si lahko shraniš text, slike,..kombinacijo da se prikaže text pa veš samo ti!

In stock

SBL06 GSM Spy Earpiece Box (brez slušalke)

Kadar mobitel odpade, vzamem ta box in vložim sim kartico!

In stock

Spy Slušalka Sensa SlimFit Anti-vax - wireless invisible micro earphone

Izjemno čist zvok!

In stock


long range wireless camera with adjustable lens & special antenna , range up to 1500m

Not in stock


Studying has never been easier! Complete with spyear pro. Save and pass exam!

Not in stock

wireless invisible micro ear - spy slušalka

In stock

Why to learn by books if there are informations that we learn today already known , why waste time if it is now regarded only how fast your get info?

Cheating Exam today vs Past

Why to learn by books if there are informations that we learn today already known , why waste time if it is now regarded only how fast your get info?

Matter of cheating on the exam has never been easier. Introducing advanced equipment to assist in the examination in the form of watches, glasses , pens combined with a wireless spy earpiece and camera button .

Did you know?

Before the 18th century in Europe and copying . copying and imitation are not perceived as immoral or prohibited from doing , but are even encouraged to imitate the great masters and zgledovanju with them. In art it is today difficult to determine if it is plagiarism or not , as some artists draw inspiration from each other , but also unconsciously influence each other . ( Source: Wikipedia)

Our spy equipment is used to:

- In exams

- In court

- At meetings

- Lectures



Problems with driver's test or college exam?

Who does not know the problems with the driving test or studies testing? You have not time to learn and have more important things to do! And suddenly, the date for the exam or test in a few days.If your exam is important to you and you do not know what you should do otherwise, then you are right with us! Do not despair, we have something for you that can help you!  

With our Profesional Camera - Spy ear Cheating System is it posible to cheat driving test or study examination without that someone noticed what. Profesional camera - spy ear cheating system can be used in various fields such as: 
  • Cheat a driving test
  • Cheating on the exam in the University
  • To pass state exams
  • Professional monitoring 
Short functional description:

1. Before testing, swapping one of your shirt buttons into an hidden button camera. 

2. Wireless spy ear

  place in the auditory canal and through a quick test call.

3. You go into the examination room and you try to keep quiet as if nothing had.

4. Keep your body straight so that the quality of the video is good. Camera transmitter sends live video to your partner. 

5. And your partner will look at a notebook all the questions and then give you the answers by the wireless spy earpiece.

6. If you have not understood something and want to contact your partner than you can use build in microphone.

- With profesional camera are equipped with the best spy cheating system, you can find on the market.
- By a rotation the button cam, you can adjust the focus to improve the sharpness. After an accomplished setting video live transmission is perfectly readable
- Built-in amplifier in the transmitter, allowed distance up to 1000 meters from the examination room.
- Mobile Powerful 12 volt battery provides up to 4 hours running time.
- Your partner can see the picture from the test paper on any kinds of monitor.
- Your partner can see clear image from your exam and can give you right answers through wireless spy earpiece.
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