Spy camera means a hidden secret camera!

Spy or hidden camera is the most appropriate device when you want to know exactly what is happening in your area in your area. By using the hidden spy camera, we can distinguish:

Hidden cameras for personal wear - used for discreet recording of meetings, meetings, judicial enforcement, or interventions. Since they are usually small in size, they have a short recording time, but they can be uploaded using an external battery.

Hidden camera for rooms - used for discreet recording during your absence at home or in offices. They are designed for long recording from a few days to a few months in the case of activation in the event of motion detection.

Hidden cameras for dedicated recording - used for special purposes, such as, for example, recording car driving or outdoor shooting irrespective of energy source and weather conditions.


Following the view mode, hidden cameras are separated into:

Shoot and look back - the clip is stored on a micro SD card, then you can view it on your computer or phone.

WIFI hidden camera - the hidden camera connects to the local WiFi network, which enables us not only to watch the live event, but also to view SD card images from the internet from anywhere in the world, including the configuration and changing settings on the camera. Viewing is done through a computer, iOS or Android application.

4G cameras - if there is no WiFi signal at the location of the recording, using such cameras at the moment of motion detection, we can receive MMS or e-mail via the GSM network.Hidden cameras are the most used devices in knowing exactly what is happening in your area in your absence. Spy recorders are the perfect solution, but hidden cameras give you a

picture with the audio recording. Hidden cameras in usage patterns can be roughly divided into: 

1) surveillance camera for a person - using them for discreet recording of a meeting or situation, are placed on the person who knows that a camera on themselves, most are the smallest in size, but it's also the least battery life (1-2 hours).

2) surveillance camera for the room - use them to obtain information that is happening in our home or office in our absence. The cameras are mostly hidden in some of that space for common objects, which allows them to set up the place from where I can shoot well and that nepobuđuju nobody's interest or suspicion. They are intended for long recording times, their autonomy is typically from a few days to several months of shooting. 

3) Special purpose hidden cameras- used for special purposes like hunting camera for recording outdoors in all weather conditions, without a permanent power supply, car cameras to record the vehicle, etc.

 After shooting mode, hidden cameras are divided into:

1) Framing cameras with recording on micro SD Card-, inserting the card into a computer review footage. Easy, cheap and the most common solution, flaw is that we have often access the camera Dhabi we exclude the SD card and viewed the footage.

2) WIFI hidden camera - elegant solution but less possible solution. The camera can connect to the local WiFi network, which allows us not only to watch the event live, but also viewing images from the SD card via the Internet from anywhere in the world, and the very configuration and changing settings on the camera. Viewing is done via computer or iPhone and Android applications, and various alarms on events in the area can receive on push or email.poruka

3) 3G cameras - if no WiFi signal at the location using 3G cameras that provide the Internet via GSM 3G network.


AC20 Lawmate Hidden Plug Camera - kamera skrita v napajalniku

Neomejeni čas snemanja (napajanje preko 220v)

Not in stock

Lawmate Hidden Plug Camera UC10uni

FULL HD camera

Not in stock


In stock

Spy camera in Air Refresh

Spy camera in Air Refresh is the latest product onto our Ultralife series production. Focus here is mainly at fact of being as hidden camera as possible. The usage of PIR module in black color, makes this product virtually not recognizable.

Not in stock

Hidden camera in PIR sensor with 30 day standby

PIR sensor with HD camera lasts up to 30 days in motion detection and 20 hours of continous footage.

In stock

Private-Eye WiFi camera in smoke sensor

reliable EZ-SEE P2P application for iOS / Android

In stock

Blackbox CAMZ32 up to 20 hours of continuous recording

Hidden HD mini camera meets the highest demands. Three types of detection, extreme stamina, night vision, wide angle of view,

Not in stock
sport cap camera

Spy sport camera

Kaj takega? Kamera in snemalnik v kapi s sprožilcem v vašem žepu...

Not in stock

DVR namizna ura

Not in stock

DVR športna vohunska ura 4GB

Not in stock

HD 1080P IR Table clock wi-fi security camera(Super Night Vision)

possibility of continuous power supply from the network

Not in stock

Poslovna zapestna spy ura 8GB

Delovni čas 2 URI (500MA baterija), IR osvetlitev za popolno temo

Not in stock
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USB key with built-in camera and recorder USB stick spy camera- DVR707

10 hours hidden video/ audio motion recording, 16GB included
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Če imate možnost napajanja...

Hidden camera in the power adapter, adapter, phone charger

Klasičen adapter s kamero in mikrofonom. Če imate možnost napajanja je odlična, saj dejansko lahko polni telefon ob tem ko snema. Posname v zgornji del telesa tudi če vtičnica pri tleh!
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