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Ko bi se za nakup varnostne naprave odločal sam, bi seveda iskal najprimernejšo zame. Izbrana naprava bi morala, prvič, brezhibno delovati.

Ne bi si namreč želel, da bi me takrat, ko bi morala delovati, pustila na cedilu. In drugič, zahteval bi enostavno nameščanje, ki bi mu bil kos tudi sam. S to mislijo sem ustvaril spy shop. 


Vsa ta varnost je več kot dobrodošla. Menim, da z njo nimajo težav pošteni, pač pa nepošteni in njim je tudi namenjena. Začeli smo kot www.videonadzor.si pred 15 leti. 5 let kasneje smo zadeli v tarčo s spy izdelki in nastal je spyshop.si. Pred 5 leti smo šli v svet, dodali spy-shop.com, spyshop.eu. Od takrat se je začelo dogajati, od takrat se ni spalo.  Miha P. - ustanovitelj SpyShopa.                                               P.S: Imamo prevzemna mesta po vsej Sloveniji z dnevno diskretno dostavo za 3,95€. Možen tudi osebni prevzem v naši poslovalnici v LJ.

spyshop show room

Obiščite nas v naših prostorih na Tržaški 297 v Ljubljani. Smo več kot spletna trgovina. Pri nas si lahko izdelke ogledate, preizkusite in kupite od 10:00 d0 15:00 med tednom ali po predhodnem dogovoru na 051 704 555.

Pozor!!! Ali ste vedeli? Večina spy opreme iz naše ponudbe je dobavljena v EU iz ZDA, Kitajske, Rusije, Tajvana in Koreje prek posebnih pogojev in izpolnjevanju mnogoterih obrazcev in izjav skladnosti. Vse to smo naredili namesto Vas, saj bi bil v nasprotnem primeru postopek, da to sami počnete 1. prezapleten (carina, papirji) 2. predolgotrajen (čas dostave do 40 dni in več), da ne omenjamo 3. prisotnost ponaredkov 4. pokvarljivost blaga in vračilo, 5. zlorab kreditnih kartic, nedostave. Pozor!!! 


We are spy surveillance specialists . The first guarantee is that we make satisfied customers. spyshop.si All of our products or packages DIY (Do It Yourself) are designed and optimized for what most users are looking for. They can mostly be  taken into account more sophisticated functions required by video surveillance solution .

  In case you want video surveillance system completely customized, it can be done and you put together an offer that will be based on the features that you specify. In the event of dissatisfaction with our products, we offer an unconditional money back within 45 days after payment. Spyshop is a novelty in Europe and already meets several 10000 users which proves that we are on the right track and that we are the best and  most competitive provider  of hidden video surveillance systems in the world.


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Unique .. like you

About us

We are your personal spyshop, thats why spy-shop.com

Spy-Shop.com is novelty in Europe. In one place we combine experience and special spy video audio equipment in collaboration with global manufacturers in this field. For selected customers, we market our spy equipment that meets the highest requirements for working in undercover operations, police and detective activities. For a wider customer base and also marketed unprofessional equipment for the best price!

Spy-Shop.com combines maximum offer in one place where we are committed to safety, personal safety and to protect your family, home or business.

Spy-shop.com has the latest spy equipment and covert surveillance technology. ... If you have a question about the product that we market, please contact us. We are located in beatiful town of Ljubljana , but we do not act locally but globally.

Spy-Shop.com has spread across Slovenia with further expansion planned for the rest of Australia and internationally.

SpyShop is a specialised surveillance equipment importer, retailer and wholesaler, dealing in CCTV, surveillance equipment and other electronic gadgetry/spy equipment.

spy-shop is EU long time running and most popular supplier of covert and overt surveillance equipment.

Why Spy-shop.com - best spy equpment in Europe

Why to choose Spy-shop.com:

Exclusivity - there are products you will not find anywhere else!

Unique safety products of the highest quality with wide selection

Discreet and fast dispatch

Quantity and price discount

Up to 20% discount for loyal customers on selected models

Free shipping for orders over 200 EUR for all EU orders

We are spy surveillance specialists and our goal is to be best spy equipment provider in Europe. As we cultivate a genuine and personal relationship with our customers we have made ​​available to clients via email or phone. In case you can not find the desired product in our offer please contact us at info (@) spyshop.si and we will do our best to find it.




Thinking of new oportunities? Become reseller - B2B! You have you network of clients? Send us request and we will check you. We have some key advantages to consider when evaluating if our products are right for you.

A trusted and established brand + A fast growing, dynamic industry + Professional support plus Online access to customised and effective business tools + An industry unique point of difference + Quality, brand name products with local training and support


Trzaska cesta 297, 1000 Ljubljana

VAT number: SI 91648777
Registration number: 3880621000

IBAN: SI56 10100-0049131271
Information on registration: Registration Authority: AJPES branch Ljubljana
Record: 316-02-00226-2011


Did you know

Spy Shop is a leading provider of advanced audio and video technologies and specialized control equipment in Slovenia. 


The purpose is primarily the safety of persons, property and the protection of premises. Spyshop people receive peace and security ... here is our story ends.


Our Spy Shop is a leading provider of advanced audio and video technologies and specialized control equipment in Slovenia. 


The purpose is primarily the safety of persons, property and the protection of premises. Spyshop people receive peace and security ... here is our story ends.

Zagotavljamo popolno varnost vaših osebnih podatkov s pomočjo varne SSL povezave. Varnost zagotavlja GeoTrust


Specializing in audio video surveillance around the Globe

Welcome to the web sites Spy Shop Slovenia, which is oldest spy shop and the only real in Slovenia and elsewhere in Europe under spyshop.eu. and spy-shop.com. You can find us both in the UK myspyshop.uk, Germany myspyshop.de, Russia myspyshop.ru, myspyshop.it Italy, Spain, Switzerland myspyshop.es myspyshop.ch, France myspyshop.fr, China spyshop.cn in Croatia under the domain of spy-shop .hr as well as in Serbia as spy-shop.rs

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